During this time of distance, CultEvo brings people closer together by providing a direct connection to nature.



Your garden, anywhere
  • Cultivation is fully automated thanks to growing profile that adapt accordingly to the plants needs. Sensors monitor the conditions and automatically provide the necessary light, water and air circulation. Each cell has its own fully isolated environment, allowing users to grow plants which require different conditions
  • Smart lockers enable the possibility of placing CultEvo in public spaces
  • CultEvo is equipped with a unique LED light which maximizes growth without sacrificing the comfort of the environment for human activity in the surroundings.

CultEvo App

An easy and intuitive interface
The CultEvo mobile app allows users to check in anytime, anywhere on the status of their garden. The interactive mobile app keeps users engaged and creates communities centered around food and sustainability. Users can set up trades or grow with their friends and get detailed information about their plants and nutrition.


What can you grow?
Thanks to the wide growing space of CultEvo we can offer a bigger range of seeds selection:

  • All herbs, like basil, parsley, thyme, etc. and varieties rarely found in stores
  • All types of colorful salads and lettuce
  • Tiny Tomatoes and peppers
  • Edible and decorative flowers
  • Nutrient-packed baby leaves and microgreens

CultEvo:Modularity & scalability

CultEvo has unique design focused on modularity
CultEvo is a plug-and-play product that can exists as a singular unit or in a population of growing cells created for communities.
Our technology can be easily adapted and customized due to its slot architecture design.

CultEvo:Energy consumption





Coffee machine




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